Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About Those Headcoverings - the Blog

Blessings and warm greetings to my followers and readers, and those who have stumbled across my little blog.

I have not been keeping up with all the news and notes coming across the web "wires" lately, and I apologize for that -- especially if you are one of those who has posted a good article or news link, or are interested in the current news regarding the wearing of head coverings.

This blog entry is also to give notice that, since I will be spending less time with the blog, I will have to also cut back on the articles that I publish here. That makes me sad. I like being able to keep many news items and informative essays here all in one place, because I know that, like I was doing at one time, there are ladies and gentlemen every day getting on the internet to research and try to figure out the purpose and/or spirit behind "those headcoverings!" And I like thinking that maybe I can help.

I like to make connections and show how the wearing of head coverings is a phenomenon that goes way beyond the common simplification of the subordination of women, or the mere symbol of an ideology. Head coverings have been worn throughout time, throughout the world, by women and men for a variety of reasons: physical reasons and spiritual ones. The personal results, and the interpretations by others are just as varied. Laws that are made for or against them do affect many more people than just those within that jurisdiction.

I like to make connections between like-minded believers who cover, to help them find people or places or online stores to help them in their daily walk. These folks encourage me, and I want to pass it on!

Funny to me, I still reach the same conclusion about head coverings, though now with knowledge of many more nuances than I had before: "Wearing a head covering is (and should be) a FREE-WILL, MODEST, FEMININE and NATURAL CHOICE made by women all over the world, throughout the ages."

Headcoverings should be worn for personal reasons. Should be allowed to be worn for personal reasons. Should be respected by others. Whether Jewish, or Sikh, or Muslim, or Christian, or Hindu, or Wicca, or Pagan, or for modesty, or to hide a balding scalp, or to protect one against the elements both sunny and freezing, or because someone thinks it looks pretty or cool, or because someone loves the tradition of their elders, or because one wants to identify with their home team, or to stand out in the woods while hunting, or to protect the hair from dust and wind, or to protect the house from loose hairs, or... I am sure that there's more.

Truly there are places in the world where the covering of a man's head is a sign of disrespect. Unfortunately for those who wish to impose this tradition upon others, who are usually proclaiming that they are trying to promote non-religion in certain places, they must trace the tradition back to the Christian Bible's injunction of men uncovering their heads while in prayer or prophesying. (Either that, or to that of outdoor laborers who need to take off dirty head protection upon coming indoors. But I make this last part up myself, and have nothing to back it up.) And of course there is no historical precedence for women to have to uncover their heads. The wiser thing to do in this internet and jet airplane connected world is to realize that HEADCOVERINGS SHOULD BE WORN FOR PERSONAL REASONS. Not forced on, or forced off. If we are so much more enlightened and civilized than the generations past, then we should be more tolerant and understanding. If we are merely the ignorant descendants of wiser, classical civilizations, then we should be more humble and willing to learn from them. Either way, it's time to grow up.

To those of you who cover: Be encouraged to wear your headcovering, and be prepared to give an answer to those who ask you the reason that you have for the hope in you which your headcovering represents. . . whether you are hoping to glorify God in your obedience and humble faith, or merely hoping to keep your head warm in an attractive way. Be encouraged, please, by the many archived articles and links in this little blog if you can.

To those of you who do not think that others should cover their heads: Please be encouraged to continue learning about all the reasons why folks just like you have chosen to cover. This blog is full of their testimonies, and links to many more articles answering your questions.

I hope that you will all be encouraged to learn more about ... those headcoverings. A simple piece of cloth, but, oh, what treasures behind are found.

Thank you for stopping by and reading to the end,

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