Saturday, December 19, 2009

what about the husband's opinion?

Two things came in on this recently.

First, a video from a few weeks ago:

"My thoughts on my Wife's headcovering"
by Shirotora1979 on YouTube
Other videos are linked from this man, his wife, and other similar videos, on this YouTube page.

Today, a forum discussion:

"Head Covering Baptists - husband is uncomfortable"
The poster is new to covering, and writes for advice, but in writing back after receiving some good advice and encouragement from other posters at this forum, she sounds as if she'd rather give in to her husband than to what she feels that God wants for her to do.

Do husbands realize the incredible sense of power that they have over their wives - even smart and strong ones? You don't need to physically beat us or verbally insult us - just simple disapproval is enough to have us leaving the church and disobeying our own conscience... to please you. Not every woman will do these things, but nearly every wife will consider these things. Apparently some husbands do understand how much they can build up their wives by encouraging their wives to obey in something seemingly simple like headcovering, which they may either not understand or even agree with. Surely, we wives need to understand how every little thing we do and say can affect our husbands' sense of self-esteem - and certainly our husbands need to understand how little things can affect how we see the love of God too.
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