Friday, December 18, 2009

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Hopeful Housewife » Blog Archive » Revisiting Headcovering…
By Andrea
Revisiting Headcovering… Sorta. I'm gonna post these pics, and will discuss my thoughts in about a week or so. This is not a topic that is foreign to me, as I have considered headcovering more than once before. ...
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My Path To God » Blog Archive » Headcovering & Submission
By admin
Christ is the authority over everything and when I read what Brother Nee and Lee have written about head covering they state; #1 it is not to be taken doctrinally #2 it is really a sign to the angels that man is submitting to Christ's ...
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Headcoverings Made by Christian Women for Christian Women
By Maryandra
Making headcoverings has become somewhat of a family tradition...the skill has been handed down from Charlotte, to her daughter-in-law, Dena, to her daughter-in-law, Maryandra (me). We are pleased to be able to provide coverings for ...
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The Pursuit of Truth: College Woes
By RA~
Coming into school I planned to take my faith to the next level where I figured people wouldn't judge me or feel uncomfortable with my headcoverings and daily spiritual expression. I thought I would meet tons of new people: both ...
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