Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Feeling Cool With A Head Scarf"

"Looking Fashionably Cool And Feeling Cool With A Head Scarf - Clothing"
By: Benedict Perez, found in "ArticlesCollections.com"

Short article begins:

"That piece of cloth we used to carelessly wound around our head as we work outdoors or indoors with the chores has never been the same. This was when fashion gurus of today redefined the head gear that used to merely hide imperfections or protect us from draft or the searing heat of the sun. After researching on the common difficulties experienced by wearers of a typical baseball cap, sun hat or visor, and a silk or cotton scarf, these style geniuses came out with fashionable solutions that merge function for necessity and beauty.

Common hat and head scarf wearers often experience annoyance when scarves slip off too easily or are difficult to tie in place. Also the scarf often needs a hat worn on top of it to shade the eyes and face from the sun. On the other hand, hats sometimes lack the glamorous flair or fail to protect the neck part from getting sunburned.

Nowadays, the market for the head scarf has grown due to the increasing variety of styles, designs and ideas presented by designers. This is much to the delight of those of us who always like breaks in the monotonies of mundane living. Thus, we find the emergence of multi-colored crinkled scarves that can be transformed into great turbans, and beautifully printed pieces with elastic fibers to facilitate easy gathering and tying of end folds." . . .

[The article ends with these interesting links to fashionscarvesandshawls.com:]

No wonder some people go gaga over collecting hats and scarves. Today's modern designers however have married the concepts of these two accessories to make designs for a head scarf that would serve their practical function as well as achieve a stunning fashion statement. Click here to find more selections.

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