Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christian Headcovering videos and tapes

"raggedy cottage and garden: Christian Headcovering"

- this link will bring to you a listing of a sermon in several parts that was uploaded to YouTube videos.

As another resource in finding information on headcoverings, Christian and otherwise, you can - very very carefully!!!! - turn to YouTube for some helpful information.

Check the suggested similar videos on the sidebar for more personal and other types of videos that have been uploaded which explain and illustrate headcoverings and the issues surrounding these pieces of cloth. Always be careful on YouTube - it's open to the whole world. Use discretion, or search with a friend nearby if strange teachings come up.

I always find it interesting that there are so many interpretations and differences between people, even among those who are called Christians and who seemingly use the same Book to go by. It is true for Jews and Muslims as well, the many interpretations.
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