Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"The Curse of 1920"

Well, I stumbled across this little gem, and wondered, "Wow. I wonder what my friends would make of this." So I'm posting you a link to "The Curse of 1920" - that was the year of the amendment to allow women the right to vote. What do you think of his subject material? You can contact me privately at my email address (in the about link), or just write here if you want. Or don't say anything.

From the quotes page: Without question, regarding the Curse of 1920, men are clearly the losers. Women’s rights began the War on Patriarchy; women’s suffrage began the War on Government; Democrat Johnson began the War on the Black Man; women’s rights began the War on the Unborn; the courts began the War on the Family, particularly on the man; women’s rights and African Voodoo Zimran music began the War on Modesty and the War on Youth; and there is no question that the Curse of 1920 with its women’s rights and Zimran music began a War on the Man! Not only has masculinity suffered greatly, both naturally and governmentally, but the man himself has clearly been the greatest fatality of this Curse! The Curse of 1920, without a doubt, has been an attack on the man! The black widow spider lives! [p. 251]

To be honest, some of it sounds like something that my Grandmother used to say.

This author, Gary Naler, has also written a companion book to this one called, "Coverings."
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