Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Somali Fashion Show

Somali fashion show
By Bonnie Washuk, Staff Writer for the Lewiston, Maine,

To show the difference between a hijab (head covering) and a jilbab (coat) and why they wear them, a group of Edward Little and Lewiston high school students are hosting a Somali fashion show.

The show is to help bridge community cultures with something everyone, especially females, can relate to - fashion.

. . .

The teens will model and explain what they wear, which ranges from traditional to modern to ultrafeminine special occasion outfits. During an editorial board meeting with the Sun Journal, nine high school students said their style of dress reflects their individuality, religion and pride in being a Muslim.

"We wear it because it's part of our religion. It's also who we are," said Muna Hussein, 17. "It shows us as individual persons."

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