Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why Cover? THREE Explanations; and more

Over the past few days, three bloggers have reported well on the reasons behind head covering. Two are Christian, and the other is a Muslim.

For informative links about Christian headcovering, please read: Why I wear a Headcovering. by Frugal Abundance at wordpress. Read also the discussion in the comments section concerning the understanding of this being different and not doing so just to draw attention to oneself.

See also the short and sweet explanation by Steve and Paula at blogspot: "Headcovering".

For an informative article on the "why" of Islamic head covering, please read: HIJAB: Fabric, Fad or Faith? by unslaved roses at wordpress. The article includes "Five Advantages," "Three Misconceptions," and "Six Obstacles to Overcome" - with some interesting points all who cover might want to consider on. This appears to be a copy from another website, but good of this blogger to post.

For some interesting reading regarding attitudes toward Roman Catholic head coverings, please read these first-person blogs as well:

“Behind The Veil”, by Soldier Pond at blogspot

old hat, new hat by No Fighting, No Biting! at blogspot

And finally, some PICTURES! A fashion show for Russian Orthodox women, many of which include a head covering. Please check them out by clicking here.

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