Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is so scary about head coverings?

It's not just people who are afraid of extreme Islam, or of Jews, or legalism, or ultra modesty, or even old fashioned values, who just Don't Get It and need to be educated about these head coverings. I have seen numerous news articles, blog entries, links to video or TV reports explaining the reasons WHY people put something on their head, yet still there are bans, rants, rules and long winded and costly discussions on whether or not head coverings should be allowed. Is it because petty thieves wear a hoodie or a hat that we are ALL listed as trying to hide something that might hurt someone else? Is it because Some men - who are also uneducated fools, by the way - mistreat women? Is it because a big bad guy somewhere wears something on his head that means therefore everyone who wears something on their head must be a big bad guy too, or at least support big bad guys? Is this some kind of undeveloped elementary school logic?

This story just made me shake my head in unbelief:

I can't believe my new employer asked me to get a doctors' note by monday to allow me to wear headscarves. This is unfortunate for the following reasons...

a) My doctor's office apparently closes at 4:30pm on Fridays and is closed all weekend, so they were closed when I phoned to inquire, and won't be open until after my monday morning training starts.
b) Do they ask for a certificate of verification for any religious person who wants to wear a head covering to work?
c) Does a wig count as a head covering, or is 'head coverings' just limited to fabric?

This author has Trichotillomania - a rarely understood disorder also referred to as compulsive hair pulling.

People wear head coverings for so many different reasons that our "melting pot" society really needs to get to know some of these other reasons, and stop the silliness. Listen to this lady's conclusion, regarding how she plans to respond:

On the release form when you apply, you give them permission to research your online identities... so if they found me on facebook or livejoural, they'd already be well educated on the subject! Oh well - I shall think of this request as less of a personal attack and more of a chance to educate someone about the disorder.

Good attitude! Please take the opportunity to educate, and to be educated. I thank you all who read through these articles, and I do hope that as you learn and grow, you will be able to help others to understand as well.

Story here from "jumpinglegacy" at livejournal
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