Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Changes in Roman Catholic Worship

An observation made in "Latin in Patton: 4/5/09 Johnstown [PA] Tribune Democrat article", concerning the return to old ways in the local Catholic congregation. "For the first time in more than 30 years, Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church in Patton is providing the all-Latin Mass, the only church in the diocese to do so.
Many supporters of the traditional Tridentine Mass are convinced that it is a priceless gift that must never be forgotten."

“Ironically, older people started coming out of a spirit of nostalgia, but they discovered a reverence for the deep and sacred character of the old Mass,” Kopp said.

And younger families have found that the old Mass teaches the centrality of Christ in the Catholic faith.

The focus of the old Mass is God, not man.

This article details much of this style of worship. Of interest to headcovering Christian women is this paragraph, one small part of the difference: "Some women in the congregation have returned to the practice of wearing chapel veils, a head covering that displays reverence to the Lord and modesty."

Read the entire article for more description and information.
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