Monday, June 22, 2009

Movies Show Headcoverings

I just received this note:

I have just started watching an old disney movie - MoonSpinners - that you may like to see.
I think the whole plot is Hayley Mills visiting Greece - anyway, so far I have not seen one Greek woman without her headcovered.
and the ones some of the wedding guests wore were quite pretty.
anyway, I got it from Netflix.
I can't promise it will be any good - haven't watch that much - but it may be worth it just for the fashion.

I remember that movie - must see it again. If I remember, the story and acting are pretty enjoyable. Hayley Mills is always fun to watch, and here she's a young woman - if I remember right, she even wears a head scarf when going out.

Makes me think - I'm sure that there are other older movies, not period pieces made lately, but movies made in the 60's and before, that show women with their heads covered when going out, whether for fashion or because it was the thing to do to attend worship somewhere.

I've always liked Fiddler on the Roof. There's a Natalie Wood movie in which she dresses modestly and wears hats. Can anyone think of others? Would love to hear from you!

And thanks for the thought, Karen. :)
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