Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surgical hats

I came across another group of people who wear headcoverings - not that we didn't know that these folks existed or had never seen them, but somehow we forget that there are other reasons for wearing something on our heads, and that is to conceal our personal germs...

". . . Surgical hats are for use by those who work in sterile environments, such as during surgical procedures. In addition to wearing other sterile clothing such as nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, scrub coats, and other medical apparel, physicians, nurses, technicians, and others who spend time in the operating room are usually required to wear a head covering that conceals all of their hair. Formerly, the state of the art that was available for hair covering options for those with long hair, particularly women, were limited. The most popular style, the bouffant scrub hat, resembles a shower cap, which can be quite unflattering and bulky. Furthermore, the bouffant falls down on the nape of the neck, which can be uncomfortable and get in the way of a stethoscope, which must be worn around the neck."

Please check out "Blue Sky Scrubs" - designer nursing scrubs - and the article that I found about them, from which I quoted above: "Nursing Scrubs Retailer blue sky scrubs Secures U.S. Patents for Medical Scrubs Hats", in PRWeb.com. (Photo above from the "blueskyscrubs" website)
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