Saturday, June 13, 2009

News and Notes about Headcoverings this week

Justice Department Files Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Against Essex County, New Jersey
U.S. Department of Justice
The Justice Department filed a lawsuit today against Essex County, N.J., alleging that it discriminated against a Muslim corrections officer on the basis of her religion in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The suit alleges that the county refused to permit Yvette Beshier to wear a religiously mandated headscarf while working as a corrections officer. . . .

The Archaeological Museum at Izmir (Smyrna)
Wednesday June 10, 2009
. . . Here we see a remarkable bronze statue of the goddess Demeter. Notice the head covering. When a Roman or Greek person made a sacrifice or offering, they would cover their heads in the presence of the deity, which definitely has something to do with what is going on in 1 Cor. 11.


christians and jews. Do you agree?
. . . Why is it people have a problem with muslim women wearing hijabs a.k.a head coverings? From my investigation hebrew/jewish women and christian women were/are suppose to wear them as well. . . .

Is Headcovering “false holiness?”

The question:

We don’t have to cover our heads, we are free in Christ. Isn’t that false holiness to do that?

Mobile food slingers will need protection
Council committee advances measure to get street cooks to use plastic gloves, hairnets
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