Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Book For Women By Women

For all those folks who are wondering if there are writings by women on the subject of Christian women headcovering (and there are many informal writings out there), here is a newly published book for you!

Our dear friend-online, author of the blog "Testimony of Grace", and also known as Michele Barnes McClendon, presents for you: "Life as a Prayer: Recapturing the Wind of Head Covering" (at CreateSpace). The short information blurb reads:

"Modern day women of God share their life-changing experiences with head covering in an age where Christian head covering is often thought to be an outdated and unnecessary spiritual practice. The author and eight other women candidly chronicle their head covering journeys."
I know that this has been a long labor of love for Michele, and others who have worked with her on this project. Good for you, Michele!

And for all whose hearts are open to try to understand, and to live in truth and in love in all things -- please, be encouraged!


Ladies who helped Michele with the creation of this book in any way, or who have worked themselves on books or other studies on Christian women using headcovering, PLEASE let me know here - leave a link to your own work or website here, so that we can all be linked together to help those who are searching to understand. Thank you all, my many readers, for your contributions here and to the world wide web in general, for helping to spread the word about the wonder of this small piece of cloth that we wear. Always, be encouraged: we are not alone.


image above is copied from the web page for this book
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