Monday, September 21, 2009

Helping Cancer Patients

I came across "Chantelle's blog" post on "Doing some volunteering", and wonder if some of my readers could help. Here is the first portion of her post:
I volunteered a while back to help Hopespring, the cancer support center that hosts my meditation classes, by making head coverings for people who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. I'd thought when I volunteered that they had a pattern or example of what they wanted, but they all they said was for me to check the internet.

They did describe something that covers the head with tails long enough to start at the nape of the neck, cross there, and then go up over the head to tie there or on the side. The person also showed me a turban thing, which they could use, but they really want these ones that tie.

So I looked on the internet. Do you know how many different head covering patterns there are out there? A kabillion. And I don't know which ones are best; do they want one that has a tail separate from the tie thingies? How long should all of those be? There are lots and lots of options.

Please post your responses to her at her blog, of course, and if you have the time, please share here as well, for others who may be searching for similar information. Thank you!
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