Monday, September 21, 2009

What to wear... and why...

~ (referencing a post by "knittingprose") Anglican Plain posts, in "Headcoverings," a recommendation to find "Garlands of Grace". If you haven't seen their head coverings before, please visit.

~ Cheryl of "Swineinsanity" also posts a "Headcoverings" article, giving her favourite headcovering (the Princess Scarf -Amira Hijab: see here an example), along with her own understanding of head coverings, with a link to the article on headcovering.

~ Catholic Hijabi posts "Fab Friday: Medieval Maiden" - with a new old style of head covering, including a link to a video, and her 'polyvore' design to match. Cute!

~ I also found a discussion at the Well Trained Minds forum for classical teaching, on what do you wear and how, without getting into a debate on why.


Also, please read "A Set Apart Life: My Changing Thoughts on Headcoverings" and "More on Headcoverings" in "A Tent for the Sun", for a couple of young women's studies of headcovering, including links.
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