Monday, October 5, 2009

About ThoseHeadcoverings: The Blog

Dear Readers, I want to remind you to read the "disclaimer" notice posted just below the blog title above. This blog was created as part of my own personal study into the idea that headcovering by women is not a cultural or time-limited tradition, but that it somehow transcends culture, time, religion and tradition. Women who are very different, for different reasons, choose all by themselves to put something on their head. Sometimes it is due to their having studied Scriptures and coming to a prayerful understanding that wearing a head cover pleases their Creator. Sometimes they choose to cover to stand up for a particular way of understanding of who their Creator is. Sometimes they cover their hair out of a desire to be modest or less distracting. Sometimes they indicate by style or amount of material who they are, or at least the group to whom they belong. Sometimes it's fashion. Sometimes it is a substitute for natural hair. Even growing long hair seems somehow a part of the whole "women in head coverings" phenomenon.

And, alas, some people who write about head coverings are not religious and may write something that is hurtful to those who are living a spiritual lifestyle. Other writers are very devoted to faith as they understand spiritual things, and may write something that is hurtful to someone who does not believe as they do. I am sad that a person's faith gets attacked by others, but we should know that it will happen. Please, do not be surprised when you come across someone with different beliefs, or attitudes, or life styles, who ALSO chooses to cover . . . or that I choose to share their reasoning with you here or by link. This blog is not to condemn or to condone anyone, but merely to help us all to open our eyes to the fact that We Are Not Alone, and also that we should not assume anything about anyone. I do understand why some of the readers here have left off reading this blog, and I have received letters from people from time to time pointing out how someone has divisive or truly hurtful content at a source which I linked to when linking to a specific article that I found informative. But though I want us to keep our eyes open to other points of view, just as we want others to do for us, but I cannot recommend that someone subject themselves to a blog or news source which puts down a particular person or group of people.

A sample comment just came to me from a concerned reader about an older post:
"I'm surprised that you have posted from (X source). From what I've looked at . . . , he is not a very open religious person. I don't think those who are (Y belief) and thinking about covering would feel comfortable reading his entry . . . . Especially when they can look around . . . and note other entries about "crushing (Y belief)." . . . Your blog seems to be open to all religions and I don't want someone to ignore the great information you have to offer because they get offended by someone else's blog."
Oh, Dear Reader, I also don't want someone to ignore the information that is available anywhere because they feel hurt by something that is written. Unfortunately, it happens. I do have a disclaimer posted above the entries in the hopes that those who visit my blog will realize the point of this blog: to share information that can be found online about those headcoverings. Because head coverings are worn in so many ways for so many reasons, there are sure to be misunderstandings. A true searcher will continue to search and find.

Shall a Christian quit covering because Hindu, Jewish and Muslim women also cover? Shall a humble woman not cover because fashionable ladies wear eye-catching styles? Shall women be ashamed to wear a covering because some spiritually minded men also choose to cover their heads for religious reasons? (and so on.. ) If a non-religious person can find a cute way to tie up their headscarf in an article written by a devout believer -- if a modest woman in one faith can learn more about being a lady of faith in an article written about the style of covering in another faith (*) -- if a man or a woman can learn and share more about the reasons why others cover their heads which they had not considered before -- then they have been encouraged at least a little to grow in knowledge, and perhaps in their beliefs as well.

I hope that others will be encouraged even more to think on things like ... the differences between men and women, modesty in dress and behaviour, humbleness and humility, how physical things have spiritual and emotional meanings, what worship is, prayer, how to live faithfully in a way that draws others to things that are true, encouraging others to stand strong in their faith, and to be themselves, that there is no end of learning ... among other things. So much comes under the heading of "headcoverings".

Please, Dear Readers, be encouraged to keep learning, to keep growing, and to come to a better knowledge of truth.


(*) As a Christian who believes in the Written Word of the Bible, I believe that there is only "One Faith", and I know that others feel the same way about what they have faith in. When I wrote of various faiths in this article, I am referring to the variety of understandings of what the "One Faith" is. I hope that this is understood, and not hurtful to anyone. Rather, be encouraged to study and to learn more about what you believe is true - a challenge to what is true will not stand, and you will grow stronger; but if you are standing on sinking sand, wouldn't you rather be challenged to move to higher ground?
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