Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Announcement, Re "Men in Church Hats"

I have been contacted by the author whom I referenced in the article: "Men in Church Hats", from March 2009. His book is now available for sale. See "Kopfbedeckungen in Religion, Glaube und Spiritualit├Ąt", his Deutch/German website. The photos alone are worth a look.

Following is the information that I was provided by email:

. . . "I have build up a contact to

Angelus Media Distribution Group
200 Broadway
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Phone: 888-222-AMDG (2634)

"This company intends to order some books from the publisher so that Americans and Canadians can order it from Angelus Media Distribution Group. They will will have it in stock. I suppose that pre-orders are possible as well.

"The book is a real treasure-chest and rich source for all hat-aficionados, hat-lovers, modists and of course all people related to ecclesiastical and clerical outfits. A lot of diocese libraries are ordering the book as well."

Best wishes, Dieter!
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