Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christian Women Head Covering

Some miscellaneous information and discussion for Christian women and head coverings from the previous week or so....

~ Re: Headcovering Outside Mass - a continuing discussion in the Catholic Answers Forum, so there are many personal thoughts and experiences shared.

~ Head Covering Issue - Someone has posted an essay file online at Scribd, which appears to be a study from the Authentic Ministry Opportunity, on understanding 1 Corinthians 11.

~ Head Covering Trials! - personal experience and trial in learning to wear a head covering on campus, even including a new style she's trying out.

~ Headcovering Store: Halo-Works - Catholic Hijabi has posted a link to an online store which provides women's headcoverings like lace mantillas, and her first commenter has posted a link to a how-to on making your own similar headcoverings.

~ It's On My To-Do List: You say, "Mantilla..." I say, "Mantilla..." - a good personal sharing and study
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