Monday, October 19, 2009

Snoods and Turbans

Here I am, copying and pasting an entire article:

"Snoods - new fashion drives clothes sales"

"The Daily Mail City team looks at how the snood - a cross between a scarf and a hood - is driving sales... " This article in "" is not about the hair covering snood that is worn as a kind of pocket for your hair attached to a headband of sorts.

A snood is a cross between a scarf and a hood. A tubular item, it looks rather like a balaclava without the face hole.

Traditionally favoured by women trying to protect long hair, a snood can be pulled over the head like a hood, or pushed down around the neck like a scarf that can't come undone.

A throwback to the '80s?

Snoods were rather popular among teenagers of 20 years ago. In garish pink or bright jade, they made sure the wearer was always visible after dark, even if they didn't flatter the skin tone.

But snoods are actually far older than this. The word was widely used in the Middle Ages for cloth or net head coverings.

Crocheted snoods were popular in the 1940s and '50s to keep women's hair in place while they went about their work.

Snoods are also popular with Orthodox Jewish women.

And now?

Snoods are making a comeback, albeit on a far grander scale. Luxury goods group Burberry says bumper turnover of snoods and leather handbags is driving sales. But its 'pull on scarves' are nothing like the £5 snoods found on market stalls in the 1980s.

The Burberry Snood

These luxury wool and cashmere items, complete with trademark Burberry check [link to Burberry], go for £175 a pop. If you are short of cash, just knit a short fat scarf and sew the two ends together.

Don't you just love the "how-to" there at the end?


And speaking of how to make a headcovering of sorts:

"Craft project: T-shirt turban for women"

"Milliner Mary Jane Baxter explains how to make a fantastic retro turban to give your outfit a vintage feel."

Thanks to Lucy for this link!
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