Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Headcovering Explanations

First, a simple, Biblical explanation for headcovering by Christian women, from a lady who is offering a simple outline of her own learning, with links to other resources provided.
"Biblical Support for the Head Covering", from the blog: "That Was Then,This Is Now... A Christian Woman’s Journey." Please also check her sidebar for more good posts on this blog concerning headcovering.


Second, a question: "Who Determines What is Cultural and What is Doctrine?", from "Voice of the Sheep" at wordpress.

If the reasons for a woman needing to cover her head were nothing more than cultural customs of the day, then why does Paul give reasons that are didactic, which means they were intended to teach and instruct truth and doctrine?

Why is this “cultural”, and allowing women to be leaders not?

A discussion by the blogger and a few readers follows.


And please read Alana's recent post: "Long Hair?", at Free To Cover. She gives her own informal answer to a question about long hair and the head covering, and also has a discussion with another lady about these things in the comments. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Alana. :)


Be discerning. Be encouraged.
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