Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Jewish Woman Covers Her Hair

"Is That J-Lo Style?"
My Journey to Haircovering
by Linda Korn, in "The Jewish Woman"

A well written testimony of a woman who began covering her hair, and enjoys it. She begins:
"It all started in the elevator at Time Warner in Los Angeles. I had recently wed. As a traditionally observant Jewish woman, to my own surprise, I began covering my hair every day."

Her reasoning by the end:
"At first, I thought I was getting way too much attention for doing something that is supposed to be a gesture of modesty. But I soon realized that all the sincere conversation about Jewish life that emerged from simple questions about my "cool wrap" or "nice hat" provided the cross cultural forum for creating positive views of Jews, for clearing up myths about orthodoxy, for connecting with other Jews of all kinds, and for making deeper and more real connections with people in general, and most importantly for living a committed life."

Some interesting comments were written in as well.
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