Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Tie a Head Scarf

I have mentioned the Beaubeau scarfs before here, and the company has come to my attention again, because I have found that the creator of the versatile and fashionable scarf for hair loss has also provided some videos at YouTube. The videos show how to wear and use the Beaubeau scarves, which are specially made, but also provide more ideas in how to wear and style a headscarf for all. I appreciate so much ladies like this who want to cover their head in an attractive and feminine way and are reaching out to help others. It is not "for religious reasons", but seems to be from human nature itself.

Please visit the BeauBeau "" homepage (a wealth of information and other links concerning hair loss and head coverings, including the videos mentioned), or visit the BeauBeau video channel at YouTube directly. Photo here of Susan M. Beausang wearing one of her scarfs from the website.
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