Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Do YOU Cover?

I've added a poll/survey to the right hand of the blog, asking for your simple answer to why you chose to cover. Please, even if you've never read this blog before, leave your answer. Multiple reasons are accepted in this poll. (I realize that my simple choices here are very simple. For example, submission can mean obedience to God, or submission to your husband. Reverence can mean for God, for the place of or the act of worship, or something else. Please feel free to clarify what you chose in the comments below.)

If you have the chance, please:
a) give a short explanation below in the comments; or
b) give a longer answer at your own blog and post your blog name here in the comments; or
c) if you already have written your reasoning or a testimony somewhere on line, please post the link to your blog or web page here in the comments; or even
d) send me a private email at the address on my "about me" page, (and let me know if it's all right to post your comments anonymously here, maybe?).

Ideally, I'd like your own personal understanding or experience, or your husband's (or parent's or daughter's), if they've written something too. But if you know of a web site or other blog page that has an answer to this question, please let me know that link as well.

I have already put together the Those Headcoverings web pages, with pages of links to permanent web sites - a page each for reasons for Christian headcovering, Jewish head covering (including men and women), Muslim head covering, other religious head coverings, and sites that provide coverings for cancer. I would like to put together a more informal listing from individuals who may have written something shorter, more concise, more informal, more personal. I know that there are others who would like to have these things all in one place.

Some of us, too, know one lady in particular who would like to put together a book for us about this headcovering journey, and I hope that your answers would also help her with her thoughts and ideas, so that she can better share this journey with others. When we write about our experiences - our doubts, our joys, our triumphs, our learnings, our changes - we connect with others, and we encourage one another in this journey that we've all undertaken (and are all at different places on). I hope that by our putting these thoughts and prayers into one place, we can truly be encouraged, and the Truth may be glorified in our small act of obedience.

Be blessed - and be a blessing to others, dear readers. Thank you.

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