Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Movement

Several movements actually are "afoot":

Read or listen to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for more on the True Woman movement - which is of Christian women realizing the truth of the differences between men and women of God, and their desire to move toward God's plan for true womanhood.

Do a search on headcoverings (one word or two words) and read about all of the women of the world who are "re-awakening" to the design of covering their heads, or hair, while in worship, or even all the time. Notice as you walk around, or watch or read the news, how head scarves and hats are "back in" fashion. For a variety of reasons, we have a movement toward more humility and chastity and modesty among us all.

Another movement that I have noticed (and perhaps you have too) is that within the various churches, a desire to return to the simple one truth of the gospel of Christ. For examples: you find "Biblical agrarians" who wish to return to living simply in communities and with the earth, using the Bible and the "old ways" as their guides; you find huge numbers of churches forming in homes, where folks are attempting to return to the meetings of the Christians "from house to house"; you find the old, traditional, yet modernized, denominations full of folks who are questioning the modernizations, and bucking their local leaders and theologians even, in order to return to the purity of the Bible alone. Little blogs here and there that I've noticed where Protestants, Catholics and even Orthodox writers are questioning, and reasoning with the Scriptures over what the true church of Christ really is and should be as established in the Bible. In the Catholic world, for example, this means a movement of folks towards the traditional Latin masses, and all that the older traditions had established. Scores of blogs are out there about folks who are searching out and finding the Orthodox churches as the "ancient path". Women attending these services are seeking out head coverings in a variety of ways, and not just the old fashioned mantillas and "babushkas" - I trust my readers have met "Light and Good Order" for some neat examples there. (One Catholic lady writes of her journey recently here, and here, though I've read many others as well. Just notice the comments on her blog.)

Oh, yes, there's a movement or two afoot, and they all seem to be one, really: that swing of the proverbial pendulum, back from extreme liberality in doing whatever we want, toward seeking and finding out what God, the Creator and King, really said and taught his desciples to write down for us. As we seek - from atheists and agnostics to Muslims, Jews and Christians of every individual belief - we will find the One Truth that One God has written for us. As we find that feminine behaviour is more pleasing to God, we add on modest dress and head covering; or perhaps it is the reverse order. But we continually add on other things as we learn and grow, such as true love, patience, self-control and inner peace and joy that we were designed for, which shine as lights to others around us. Maybe we are all on separated paths now, but with prayer and continual seeking, I believe that many of us will find the One Path, because those who seek do find. Those who join a movement because everyone else is doing it won't, but those who are really moving ... will.

Keep reading and studying. Be encouraged. Be blessed by your choices, and be a blessing to others though those same choices.
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