Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christian Headcovering Testimony

I found this to be a lovely read.

"The Sign on My Head", by Muhala Akamau of "Testimony and Truth" at blogspot, November 03, 2008. Here, from the beginning:
I've enjoyed wearing headwraps, so I was on YouTube flipping through various tutorials on different ways to wrap a headwrap. Pretty simple, right? Somehow or other, I found myself confronted with the notion of covering my head. The emotion was so strong, it was undeniable. I felt strongly that God was dealing with me about covering my head (that is, in the biblical sense of head covering). I thought this was crazy! It just didn't seem to make sense. It seemed unreasonable. Something I'd seen on YouTube started me on a hunt. I caught wind of what sounded like some sort of crazy movement: some modern day (non-Mennonite, non-Amish) Christian women covering their heads. What?! I thought it sounded a bit ridiculous, yet I was strangely engrossed and wanted to learn more. I found myself undeniably attracted to this form of faith profession. I did more research --- Bible study tools, internet research, looking for books at the library, back to the Bible again, and to the passage that started this whole thing: I Cor. 11:2-16. It all felt so strange, so I talked to hubby, took it up with my pastor and talked about it with an old and trusted friend. I felt troubled in my spirit and it seemed I couldn't think about anything else but covering my head. ...
Please read her full entry at the above title link.


You may also find this an interesting testimonial:

"Plain Clothes Revisited: Empathy for Muslim Women", by Laura H. Weaver, in Mennonite Life, 2002.

Found via the Artizara Blog.
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