Saturday, November 1, 2008

Head Coverings, Hollywood, and Jewsh Religious Perspective

Seraphic Secret: "Hollywood, the Head Game"

Photos of early Hollywood lady stars in head coverings of various styles, and in the comments, an answer, with links, to the poster's question on telling the difference in a Jewish lady's religious perspectives in Israel based on what head covering style she wears. From the comment, and no claim to being absolutely correct:

Hats (with minimal or no hair showing) -- usually Modern Orthodox

Snoods --
(a) knitted -- Modern Orthodox
(b) solid-color, Turban Like -- Chassidic

Wigs with small hat-like covers -- Chassidic

Wigs alone -- Modern Orthodox, Yeshivish, or Chassidic

Wigs (in a woman wearing pants -- Chemotherapy )

Kerchiefs -- Modern Orthodox / Settlers / Kibbutzniks

Traditional Sephardic Women have differently designed headcoverings, depending on their original communities, although also sometimes just wear 'wigs alone'

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