Monday, November 24, 2008

Headcovering Tutorial

Hi Lisa!

I've really enjoyed your site and your blog since I've been re-interested in Christian headcovering. I found a tutorial for an Amish-type headcovering that you may not be aware of. I think she did a great job.
The main family website is here and includes a couple more nice tutorials that she has done and a nice post about why/how the family started covering.


The "Shepherd's Hill" website is all about plain living Christians, and there really is much more at the site too. Thank you, Heather! :)


Just as a little side note, because the above website is based in Alabama, US, this little article in the Birmingham News,, caught my attention: "Alabama's changing face of faith".

November 23, 2008, by GREG GARRISON

On a typical Saturday at the Riverchase Galleria, shoppers include Hindus from India with red marks called tilak on their foreheads, Mennonite teenage girls from Uniontown wearing homemade dresses and headcoverings, and Muslim women from Pakistan adorned in traditional scarves.

They pass without a sideways glance, as if nothing's out of the ordinary, perhaps a sign that religious pluralism in Alabama has arrived.

"This is a melting pot, and we are melting," said Davinderjit Bagga, a Sikh woman from India who has lived in Birmingham almost 30 years.

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