Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Just Can't Agree

Disagreements abound. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, secular. What kind? How big? What about see-through, like lace or sheer material? When and how often to wear? Necessary or not? Just for modesty? How much is modest? What kind of modesty (totally humble and plain or just not sexually immodest)? What about submission? Is it cultural? How much a part does fashion play in it? What about practicality? And what about wigs? Can one find any of these answers in the letter of the law in the Books? Or is it really only a matter of each woman and her husband's hearts?

Sometimes people argue about these things, putting those whom they disagree with down, insulting them. Sometimes people respect someone else's understanding and choice. Sometimes, people just present their point of view out loud, knowing that someone may be searching, and they may be able to say something to help them make the most appropriate decision.

Here are some various points of view:

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"Muslim's suit over scarves in Calif. jail settled", by GILLIAN FLACCUS, November 3, 2008, AP

"Muslim artist gets death threats", BBC, 31 October 2008

Mr. Poll results on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16


A couple more articles:

"Untangling the Controversy Over Wigs", November 7, 2008, in Little Frumhouse on the Prairie blogger

"Should Muslim women be allowed to wear scarves in jail?", November 7, 2008, By SALVADOR HERNANDEZ, The Orange County Register
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