Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging about Christian Headcovering ... some more

I'm sorry this isn't organized better today - please read the articles offered by these bloggers. Be encouraged!


Free To Cover: "Head Covering as "Podvig""
By Alana
... What does it mean that the husband is the head of the wife? Kephale in the Greek. Source. Submission. Harmony. And husbands love your wife as Christ loved the Church. Perhaps it is more than a "headship" covering. ...
Free To Cover - http://freetocover.blogspot.com/

Civilla's Cyber Cafe: "PLAIN DRESS"
By Civilla
... I got up every morning before Jesse and put my head covering on and went to bed after him so he wouldn't see what I had done to my head. I visited a salon to restore my original color of platinum but she was unsuccessful and my hair had ...
Civilla's Cyber Cafe - http://civillascybercafe.blogspot.com/

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Salty Disciplines: for virtue & faithfulness to Jesus: "Doers of ..."
By Auntie eM
DO YOU COVER? If you wear an head covering, I would like to begin a Head-Covering Blogs List. Feel free to email me, and weigh in at the Poll! Thank you! Do You Wear an Head Covering? He careth for the sparrow. ...
Salty Disciplines: for virtue... - http://saltydisciplines.blogspot.com/

Little Steps Toward Home: "My Thoughts on Headship - Simple as they may be"
By Amber
... As is the head covering of the woman. I believe, when we come before God, He will ask the man who led his wife to error, 'Why did you neglect your charge? I gave you a precious gift, and you miss used it.' Each individual is responsible ...
Little Steps Toward Home - http://littlestepshome.blogspot.com/
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