Saturday, January 17, 2009

Which Head Coverings Are Bad?

Or, does it depend on who's wearing said head covering?

Here is some news of what's going on in Australia concerning head coverings and the idea that if we don't know "what's under the cover", and it could be something bad, then all coverings are suspect. This is similar to other stories we've read, such as in Florida, US, where those wearing a head covering inside of a bank are asked to remove them, for security reasons. We all know that bad guys use head and face coverings to pull off crimes while concealing their identity. They make it hard on anyone else who wants to wear something on their head. And I can see where retailers and bankers might consider these sorts of bans. But, where to draw the line? The innocent and modest and religious are lumped together with those guilty of crimes against others. (And I'm remembering the backlash against modest dressing, headcovering women in the US who also were judged to be of the same type as those in Texas whose children were taken away from them, and all the problems that came out of that situation.)

"Retail chief says veil ban idea xenophobic"
Article from: The Courier-Mail"
By Robyn Ironside, January 16, 2009
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