Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hair Covering - Head Covering

"Headcovering for the observant Jewish woman (Introduction to a series on headcovering for the Christian Woman)"

This looks like the beginning of an interesting series from "Father Rick Lobs' Eclectic and Eccentric Blog". Here's the introduction to this introduction:

We are going to go where angels fear to tread. For those who choose to follow the series we will explore the issue (or non-issue) of the appropriateness of women covering their heads in worship. I believe they should. Its not a hill I am prepared to die on to be sure - but I think they should.

So, let us begin by asking, "Why do observant Jewish women cover their hair with a hat or a wig?"

This blog includes the short YouTube video from "Jew in the City" explaining the reasoning behind Jewish women's hair covering - which I have seen before and find it very interesting and informative. Please check it out at the title link above.

EDIT: Click here for part 1 , and part 2 , and part 3 of this series.


*** Please also, Christian ladies, read Sandi's post today at "Headcoverings: For Me? :Recent Headcovering Experiences". Be encouraged.
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