Sunday, January 4, 2009

Following up on Headcoverings and Beards on a Plane

"More on Muslim family kicked off of AirTran flight for questioning"
by Jamie Rhein Jan 3rd 2009

Some of my dear Readers may have heard of this story in the news: a Muslim family removed from an airplane because someone overheard a couple of them talking about safety on a plane. I thought this article covered the story pretty well, including a few links, as well as some interesting discussion in the comments section. With all the articles in the news and on blogs there are quite a few ignorant comments being made. Some even immediately suggested that this was some kind of elaborate hoax on the family's part to get publicity. That comment made me feel ill. Just apologize - the company has, and the family has been reimbursed financially. But WHY, in this modern age of easy information, are people still jumping to the conclusion that a woman in a Muslim headcovering must be an airline terrorist? Did the girl that reported them really think that a question about the safest seat on a plane was the words of a family attempting to sabatage said plane? Ee. Gads. Just disgusted and humiliated with the brains of our marvelous West.

Please, Modest and Humble Ladies, keep on wearing those headcoverings! Especially those of you who don't "look Middle Eastern". I for one really enjoy seeing the other bloggers who are wearing their coverings in styles that their friends and neighbors are telling them "look Muslim" or "look Jewish". I have been reading lately about women of similar headcovering who are covering their families together in shelters in and around Gaza these days. Together. Our world needs the education that covering the head does not equal terrorism, evil, prejudiced ignorance or blind faith. Ee. Gads!!!

Sorry for the non-factual ranting.
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