Friday, January 16, 2009

Head Coverings the Cold

Snow Shoveling Rules
Snow Shoveling Rules by LisaMe

It's cold out there for much of the Northern Hemisphere, and regardless of what rules there may be against head coverings, regardless of what rumors you may have read to the contrary, it is still smarter to Cover Your Head When It's Cold to protect your own health. Heat escapes your body in the cold weather, that is true. And if your head is uncovered, and if heat rises... well, you can guess where that heat leaves your body. So many news and health agencies are reminding the average person - no religion included or excluded - to Cover Your Head When It's Cold.

I realize that some of my readers don't need to wear a covering on their head for the cold because you live in warm regions of the world, or you are in the Southern Hemisphere where it is summertime - in that case, please cover your head, face and neck to protect against the sun, or the wind, or the pollution. How can anyone be against wearing a head covering when they're so good for you?
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