Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Criminal Head Coverings

Some banks banning hats, sunglasses to deter robbers

By Macollvie Jean-François | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
June 2, 2008

It's an all-too-common image from bank surveillance footage: a robber wearing a hat, sunglasses or both, walks up to a teller, passes a note, and walks away with cash.

Detectives says the accessories can serve as effective disguises and deterrents to catching the bad guys.

Now, some banks and other businesses are fighting back by posting signs telling customers to remove hats and sunglasses. The real message: Let's see your face so if you rob us, police can track you down.

"It's sort of a no-nonsense, simple solution to an ever-increasing problem that Florida is facing," said Renee Thompson, spokeswoman for The Florida Bankers' Association, which launched a "no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses" robbery deterrent program in January. "We're optimistic that customers will understand the importance of the program."

Customers who refuse to comply will not be denied service, the association said. They'll simply be served in an area of the bank with more security or by an experienced teller. (article continued at the linked text above)
(image above is from an article in cfnews13.com, reporting on a Lake Mary, Florida, bank robber, dated April 18, 2008)

Just a few can ruin a good thing for everyone. Of course, if I were asked to remove my covering in a bank, I would; I have nothing to hide. But I do feel concern for those folks who feel that they cannot uncover their heads before others. These crooks have messed up stuff for a lot of people, and not just those at the airports.

I suppose there's a lesson there for those who cover their heads. Bad behavior in a head covering can reflect on everyone who puts something on their head. Think about it.
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