Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christian Headcovering Bible Class

"Wisdom and Hope" produced a series of YouTube videos of a Bible study class on the subject of Christian headcoverings, and other various germane topics which came up during the class. Go to this link at "Babylon Falling" to see the seven part video discussion concerning 1 Corinthians 11. Each section is about 8-10 minutes long. Questions from the class during the study, and other points are edited into the video as text (like subtitles), as well as a trendy, rock accompanied introduction (which, I think could have been left off or done differently - LM).

I did try to watch all of the videos, but I cannot vouch for every moment, because I missed some of the study. I plan to go back to view more later, but wanted to pass this on to the readers of this blog for your information and comparative studies. Please feel free to post comments or questions to this, or any other post at my blog. I'm sure that the original writers/bloggers would appreciate hearing from you as well.
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