Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christian headcovering blogs and etc.

Having trouble understanding what covering - or not covering - might mean to someone who doesn't agree with you? Please read "Pursuing Titus 2"'s blog entry: "We’re All Letting the Guy Keep His Shoes, Let’s Be Loving About Everything Else".

Beginning with a quote: "Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth" from Romans 14:4, she continues a discussion of judging one another, using headcovering as the point of possible "contention". A must-read and think-about for understanding headcovering Christians, and those who don't cover too.

Here are her opening remarks. Please click the title to read the entire entry and see the answer to the question asked.
Christians are a judgmental lot. It probably springs from the fact that the Lord is so important to us. We want desperately to please and honor Him, and we’re all doing our very best. Trouble is, Jane Christian’s best may not look like Nancy Christian’s best, and then what? Well, sometimes there can be very cordial, loving interactions between people as they seek to understand each other, and maybe one or both will even end up changing somehow. But more likely Jane and Nancy are both quite firm in their convictions (thank you very much!) They’re doing things differently, and they’re going to keep doing things differently. And that’s when the trouble can start.

I cover my head in real life so let’s use that for our Jane and Nancy story, too. Let’s say Jane doesn’t cover her head. She has no conviction whatsoever about that. And let’s say Nancy has a very strong conviction that she just cannot get away from that she should cover her head. OK, here’s the question: Who is going to be judgmental?


"a heart pierced" posts in "on headcovering" why, as a Catholic woman, veiling is a good thing. She writes:
Many people ask me why i wear the veil…and there are so many “arguments” for and against it. For me it comes down to three things: Holy Traditon and Holy Scripture (St. Paul), to help me persevere in humility, and the sense of hiddenness it gives me: reminding me that i am here for God alone and, symbolically, visible to Him alone. i also find it a great help in connecting to and imitating our Blessed Mother and a great help in keeping “custody of the eyes,” so that none of my attention is drawn away from God when I am in His presence at the Holy Mass or in prayer while in His Eucharistic Presence.
She also quotes from a homily by Fr. Hathaway in the title linked above. Please read her full thoughts at the title linked above.


"Free to Cover" is going through the week in headcovering and modest dress, and keeping up with it by posting pictures of herself as she goes. She shares her thoughts, doubts and triumphs in this blog - scroll through her other entries as well.


Finally, if you haven't seen it before, see Veiled Glory's video at YouTube about why she wears a headcovering. Not the most "dynamic" video, but thorough in it's explanation, at almost 5 minutes long. Click to view: Christian Headcovering or Veil

Note: Always be careful when searching through YouTube (some of the videos and comments to videos are not family or gentle-people friendly). This one is good. :)
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