Monday, June 23, 2008

Miss Headscarf 2008

I had heard rumors of this fashion competition being held in Denmark, but hadn't posted anything yet. So here, in case you haven't heard, are a few links.

During the contest, there was this BBC video report: "Anger over headscarf contest", which is referenced in the really good article from Anthology at blogspot, "Miss Headscarf 2008." The official website of the contest sponsored by Danmarks Radio, "Miss Torklaede 2008," includes a gallery of the headscarf wearing ladies who participated. The winner was a young Danish woman with family heritage from Iraq, as shown here, from this article: Iraqi wins Miss Headscarf contest in Denmark.


Also, if you have the time and would like to "meet" a blogger who wears - and says she is still learning to wear - a headscarf, in the USA, check out "Scarf Ace: Wearing a Muslim Headscarf in America". She chose a great blog name, eh? And she's posted a lot of pretty pictures of women in Muslim style headscarves (hijab) in her sidebar (and various blog entries) too.


For more information on the Muslim faith in other places, read the opinion article, "The Islam you don't hear about," in USA Today, regarding Indonesia - home to more than 200 million Muslims - and containing a lot of links. The author includes this observation: "During my days in Indonesia, I did not see a single woman covered from head to foot in the chador so characteristic of Iran, and in the rural areas I visited many women did not wear any head covering at all."
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