Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Headcovering Eastern Orthodox Christians

Headcovering Eastern Orthodox Christians

Offbeat Modest Dress has just started a Yahoo Group for Headcovering Eastern Othodox Christians. Here's what she's written about the purpose - please click on the link above to visit her site.

Here’s the official description: A discussion group for Eastern Orthodox Christian women. Some of us, for whatever reasons, have chosen to cover their heads all or most of the time, in and out of church services. Some of us are drawn to doing this but haven’t yet taken the leap. Some of us are just trying to get up the nerve to wear a headcovering during church services!


If any readers know of other "support groups" for ladies who cover, let me know and I will post information to this blog to support your group as well.

Also, please check the "web ring" for "Those Headcoverings" and consider joining, if you post about head covering, make or sell head coverings, or have a website otherwise dedicated to head covering. Thank you! - LisaM
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