Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Various Recent News and Notes


Malaysian city warns women over make-up, high heels
, found in Yahoo news
Kota Bharu, capital of conservative northern Kelantan state. . . .

"Nowadays the way women dress attracts unwanted attention. It could lead to all sorts of vice," said Azman Mohd Daham, public relations director of the city council in Kota Bharu, capital of conservative northern Kelantan state.

"We do not advocate tight clothes, too much lipstick or thick make-up, and even the headscarf should not be too transparent," he told AFP. "Women should dress modestly, this is what Islam requires."

The guidelines were sent to local businesses and shops last month, he said, but denied reports that anyone flouting the code faced a fine.

"If they want to follow what we advocate in the campaign, it is entirely their choice but we hope they do because this is the best for them."

"We do not punish anyone for wearing thick make-up or high-heel shoes, there are no fines either," he said, but added that Muslim women did face a fine if they failed to cover their heads with a scarf.

Covering Up: What to learn from the French debate over headscarves.
Reviewing the books: "Why The French Don't Like Headscarves, Islam, the State, and Public Space" by John R. Bowen, and "The Politics of the Veil," by Joan Scott

Click the link above to read the full book review and opinion by Rayyan Al-Shawaf in Christianity Today Book Reviews.


To remove or not remove an Hasidic woman’s wig
short news blurb in "Blogging Religiously" in LoHudBlogs.com, in full here:

There have been several interesting court cases in recent years over whether Muslim women can wear the hijab (head covering) when having a picture taken for their driver’s license.

Now a police officer here in Ramapo is taking some heat for forcing an Hasidic Jewish woman to remove her wig for a head-shot after her arrest.

Many Hasidic women who are married wear a wig to cover their hair, which is to be seen only by their husbands.

Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence apologized for the officer’s conduct, saying that a female officer should have processed the woman. He said that police officers will be given a new round of sensitivity training.

Internal link provides full story.


The Head Shaving Event for Breast Cancer Awareness

in the CourierPostOnline.com, South Jersey

Just a personal note - I realize that these types of events are done for "solidarity". But, I want you to know that if I ever lose my hair due to cancer treatments, or some other illness, I would rather you KEEP your beautiful hair! and just wear a cancer-cap with me if you want to try to appear sympathetic and raise money for research. I personally don't think that I would feel solidarity with you if you shaved your hair, but rather sadness for your not understanding. There may be some hair loss victims who applaud your sympathy in shaving your hair off. I personally do not understand them. - LisaM



This is a lengthy and more scholarly abstract posted by Mohamad Abdun Nasir concerning "Muslim headscarves in the West: Religion and modernity," in the blog "We Read: Read whatever you want and let's share our thoughts and experience for a better world."


And finally, a blog entry called, "The Science Behind the Veil". Posted by Fatimah, one of four full time university students blogging at "The Deadliest Four". You knew there were more healthy reasons for wearing headcovering. (automatic radio turns on and plays at this address)
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