Friday, June 27, 2008

Letter to Denmark

Dear Inger Støjberg,

In this news entry, I found this quote attributed to you:

Muslim headscarf divides, disturbs in Denmark

"The headscarf symbolises that women are inferior to men (and) I don't think this is something we should promote through a beauty competition," Inger Stoejberg, a high-ranking member of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's Liberal Party said in a newspaper interview ahead of the pageant.

Beauty competitions are demeaning to women, but that's not my point.

I wanted to respectfully point out to you that the headscarf does not, in fact, symbolize that women are inferior to men, but that if anything, men are inferior in having more difficulty to control their physical passions or focus their visual minds. The headscarf is not worn because of a specific religious injunction (as you can see if you look up the debates within the Muslim community ) - it is only an understanding of a portion of their scriptures held to by some as an extreme view of modesty. Some Muslim, and some Jewish, women wear a headcovering out of modesty. It is Christian women, specifically the most Orthodox, Catholic and Traditional (Hutterite, for example) who wear a headcovering because of the position of men and women in God's creation. They do not believe that women are "inferior" either, but that there is a place for everything, and that the headcovering during prayer and reading the scripture shows their understanding of their position.

I simply wish that all those in authority in Europe, and many of the Muslims themselves, would understand the head covering for what it is - a symbol of MODESTY. If you wish to punish or put down Muslims, radical or otherwise, please attack something besides their convictions of dressing with modesty.

If I have not contacted the correct person, please pass on my thoughts to anyone else that needs to understand this, including "Naser Khader, a Muslim member of parliament, who agreed, calling instead for a competition for "the best arguments against the headscarf,"" according to this article.

Respectfully yours,

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