Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Admissions of Headcovering Christians

"Practicing Theology" posts the question: Would it surprise you to know...
...that I own a headcovering . . . and have used it regularly? And, would it surprise you that I keep it handy since I have no Biblical or personal objections to covering my head if the leadership of a church we visit/attend determines that it is fitting for women to cover their head during worship?
She shares her decision to wear a headcovering in this blog entry, along with these thoughts:
I realize that this is not a common or even a popular topic, but I'm still surprised when I hear an attitude of scoffing--even scorn--among women (professing believers) who have admittedly given little to no careful consideration of the practice, but steadfastly renounce it as something 'I could/would never do!'. As Bereans wouldn't the better response and attitude be, 'Maybe I need to study and consider that...'?
(reference of Bereans is to Acts 17:10-11)

Also, please consider reading many of the recent blog entries from "Free to Cover":

I think I tend to personally agree with much of what she writes.
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