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"Should Christian Women Cover Their Heads?"

"Welcome to Keeping The Home: Should Christian Women Cover Their Heads?"

Many people looking into this part of the Christian Bible have written that they would like to hear more women talk about the Apostle Paul's instructions on head covering. I try to post as many of those writings as I can, as I find them on the internet. Perhaps most old books and extended studies found online seem to be written by men, but women certainly write more about actually covering their heads for prayer. The study shared here is one of those good, thoughtful women who is certainly not merely covering because her husband or her church family "told her to", but because of much study and prayer. In her introduction she writes:

I've looked at it from the angle that the covering is the woman's hair, or that the covering is only the spiritual covering of the husband, that the covering is not for today, and the view that covering is for today, and should be observed. Which is right? I don't want man's traditions, nor do I care if all women covered in history. I only care about what God wants. I don't care if the church I attend agrees with it or not, and if I cover, I don't care if I'm the only one in the world to do so. If God's Word says to do it, then I'm in.
Some folks do care a great deal about what their church family, or their physical family, thinks about this issue. I like how she's summed this up though. She discusses the passage in 1 Corinthians 11 and the meanings behind the words. She talks about what inferences can be made from this passage. She even explains the how-to of head covering, and where to find head coverings (from Wal Mart to online stores). A few comments were made pointing out their own conflicting understandings of this passage as well. Please read.

"But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered." -1 Corinthians 11:5-6

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"Anglicans, Covering, Hats and Tradition"

Anglicans, Covering, Hats and Tradition, in "Anglican, Plain"

Some good and sweet thoughts here; please read. The author talks about the why and the how of headcovering in this concise article in plain and simple words.

Video : Kipot / Yaramulkes

Kipot: Yaramulkes (Jewish head coverings) | Videos |

A home made video, generally informative, especially good for those who have no idea why Jewish men wear those headcoverings. The main idea as presented here is that the head is covered to show respect, and to remind one of the presence of GOD. The transcript accompanying this video contains several errors in transcription.

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Continuing studies in 1 Corinthians

Seek ye first the Kingdom: Headcovering Part IV - Problem with hair (part a)

A young Christian brother studies various harder topics in the Bible, using his knowledge of language and culture. See his other articles on the head covering as well.

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what about the husband's opinion?

Two things came in on this recently.

First, a video from a few weeks ago:

"My thoughts on my Wife's headcovering"
by Shirotora1979 on YouTube
Other videos are linked from this man, his wife, and other similar videos, on this YouTube page.

Today, a forum discussion:

"Head Covering Baptists - husband is uncomfortable"
The poster is new to covering, and writes for advice, but in writing back after receiving some good advice and encouragement from other posters at this forum, she sounds as if she'd rather give in to her husband than to what she feels that God wants for her to do.

Do husbands realize the incredible sense of power that they have over their wives - even smart and strong ones? You don't need to physically beat us or verbally insult us - just simple disapproval is enough to have us leaving the church and disobeying our own conscience... to please you. Not every woman will do these things, but nearly every wife will consider these things. Apparently some husbands do understand how much they can build up their wives by encouraging their wives to obey in something seemingly simple like headcovering, which they may either not understand or even agree with. Surely, we wives need to understand how every little thing we do and say can affect our husbands' sense of self-esteem - and certainly our husbands need to understand how little things can affect how we see the love of God too.

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Blog Articles for Today 12/18/09

Hopeful Housewife » Blog Archive » Revisiting Headcovering…
By Andrea
Revisiting Headcovering… Sorta. I'm gonna post these pics, and will discuss my thoughts in about a week or so. This is not a topic that is foreign to me, as I have considered headcovering more than once before. ...
Hopeful Housewife -

My Path To God » Blog Archive » Headcovering & Submission
By admin
Christ is the authority over everything and when I read what Brother Nee and Lee have written about head covering they state; #1 it is not to be taken doctrinally #2 it is really a sign to the angels that man is submitting to Christ's ...
My Path To God -

Headcoverings Made by Christian Women for Christian Women
By Maryandra
Making headcoverings has become somewhat of a family tradition...the skill has been handed down from Charlotte, to her daughter-in-law, Dena, to her daughter-in-law, Maryandra (me). We are pleased to be able to provide coverings for ...
Headcoverings Made by Christian... -

The Pursuit of Truth: College Woes
By RA~
Coming into school I planned to take my faith to the next level where I figured people wouldn't judge me or feel uncomfortable with my headcoverings and daily spiritual expression. I thought I would meet tons of new people: both ...
The Pursuit of Truth -

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Christian Headcovering videos and tapes

"raggedy cottage and garden: Christian Headcovering"

- this link will bring to you a listing of a sermon in several parts that was uploaded to YouTube videos.

As another resource in finding information on headcoverings, Christian and otherwise, you can - very very carefully!!!! - turn to YouTube for some helpful information.

Check the suggested similar videos on the sidebar for more personal and other types of videos that have been uploaded which explain and illustrate headcoverings and the issues surrounding these pieces of cloth. Always be careful on YouTube - it's open to the whole world. Use discretion, or search with a friend nearby if strange teachings come up.

I always find it interesting that there are so many interpretations and differences between people, even among those who are called Christians and who seemingly use the same Book to go by. It is true for Jews and Muslims as well, the many interpretations.

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"headcovering" on Etsy

Looking for handmade headcoverings? Have you heard of "ETSY"? An online flea market of sorts for well hand made goods, and lots of other stuff. Many folks familiar with looking for headcoverings - how to make them, how to wear them, where to buy them, etc. - may have heard of "Garlands of Grace", an online store that has become quite popular, due to their variety of well-made, pretty head coverings, from headbands to snoods. And there are lots more headcovering folks on Etsy.

Click here for the start page listing the 408 entries of "handmade" "headcoverings" on Etsy: headcovering on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.

Or just click for these Etsy stores, found in the first 7 or 8 pages of entries:

Garlands of Grace
Happy Homestead
The Apron Thief
Sowers of Hope
Covered Ladies Designs
Eufrosina's Shop
Headcoverings by Devorah (yes, the same Devorah as the website)
JMJ Veiled Beauty
Ameera Designs

None of these shops are paying for me to advertise for them - but I do hope their good services are rewarded! :)

"Feeling Cool With A Head Scarf"

"Looking Fashionably Cool And Feeling Cool With A Head Scarf - Clothing"
By: Benedict Perez, found in ""

Short article begins:

"That piece of cloth we used to carelessly wound around our head as we work outdoors or indoors with the chores has never been the same. This was when fashion gurus of today redefined the head gear that used to merely hide imperfections or protect us from draft or the searing heat of the sun. After researching on the common difficulties experienced by wearers of a typical baseball cap, sun hat or visor, and a silk or cotton scarf, these style geniuses came out with fashionable solutions that merge function for necessity and beauty.

Common hat and head scarf wearers often experience annoyance when scarves slip off too easily or are difficult to tie in place. Also the scarf often needs a hat worn on top of it to shade the eyes and face from the sun. On the other hand, hats sometimes lack the glamorous flair or fail to protect the neck part from getting sunburned.

Nowadays, the market for the head scarf has grown due to the increasing variety of styles, designs and ideas presented by designers. This is much to the delight of those of us who always like breaks in the monotonies of mundane living. Thus, we find the emergence of multi-colored crinkled scarves that can be transformed into great turbans, and beautifully printed pieces with elastic fibers to facilitate easy gathering and tying of end folds." . . .

[The article ends with these interesting links to]

No wonder some people go gaga over collecting hats and scarves. Today's modern designers however have married the concepts of these two accessories to make designs for a head scarf that would serve their practical function as well as achieve a stunning fashion statement. Click here to find more selections.

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About Those Headcoverings - the Blog

Blessings and warm greetings to my followers and readers, and those who have stumbled across my little blog.

I have not been keeping up with all the news and notes coming across the web "wires" lately, and I apologize for that -- especially if you are one of those who has posted a good article or news link, or are interested in the current news regarding the wearing of head coverings.

This blog entry is also to give notice that, since I will be spending less time with the blog, I will have to also cut back on the articles that I publish here. That makes me sad. I like being able to keep many news items and informative essays here all in one place, because I know that, like I was doing at one time, there are ladies and gentlemen every day getting on the internet to research and try to figure out the purpose and/or spirit behind "those headcoverings!" And I like thinking that maybe I can help.

I like to make connections and show how the wearing of head coverings is a phenomenon that goes way beyond the common simplification of the subordination of women, or the mere symbol of an ideology. Head coverings have been worn throughout time, throughout the world, by women and men for a variety of reasons: physical reasons and spiritual ones. The personal results, and the interpretations by others are just as varied. Laws that are made for or against them do affect many more people than just those within that jurisdiction.

I like to make connections between like-minded believers who cover, to help them find people or places or online stores to help them in their daily walk. These folks encourage me, and I want to pass it on!

Funny to me, I still reach the same conclusion about head coverings, though now with knowledge of many more nuances than I had before: "Wearing a head covering is (and should be) a FREE-WILL, MODEST, FEMININE and NATURAL CHOICE made by women all over the world, throughout the ages."

Headcoverings should be worn for personal reasons. Should be allowed to be worn for personal reasons. Should be respected by others. Whether Jewish, or Sikh, or Muslim, or Christian, or Hindu, or Wicca, or Pagan, or for modesty, or to hide a balding scalp, or to protect one against the elements both sunny and freezing, or because someone thinks it looks pretty or cool, or because someone loves the tradition of their elders, or because one wants to identify with their home team, or to stand out in the woods while hunting, or to protect the hair from dust and wind, or to protect the house from loose hairs, or... I am sure that there's more.

Truly there are places in the world where the covering of a man's head is a sign of disrespect. Unfortunately for those who wish to impose this tradition upon others, who are usually proclaiming that they are trying to promote non-religion in certain places, they must trace the tradition back to the Christian Bible's injunction of men uncovering their heads while in prayer or prophesying. (Either that, or to that of outdoor laborers who need to take off dirty head protection upon coming indoors. But I make this last part up myself, and have nothing to back it up.) And of course there is no historical precedence for women to have to uncover their heads. The wiser thing to do in this internet and jet airplane connected world is to realize that HEADCOVERINGS SHOULD BE WORN FOR PERSONAL REASONS. Not forced on, or forced off. If we are so much more enlightened and civilized than the generations past, then we should be more tolerant and understanding. If we are merely the ignorant descendants of wiser, classical civilizations, then we should be more humble and willing to learn from them. Either way, it's time to grow up.

To those of you who cover: Be encouraged to wear your headcovering, and be prepared to give an answer to those who ask you the reason that you have for the hope in you which your headcovering represents. . . whether you are hoping to glorify God in your obedience and humble faith, or merely hoping to keep your head warm in an attractive way. Be encouraged, please, by the many archived articles and links in this little blog if you can.

To those of you who do not think that others should cover their heads: Please be encouraged to continue learning about all the reasons why folks just like you have chosen to cover. This blog is full of their testimonies, and links to many more articles answering your questions.

I hope that you will all be encouraged to learn more about ... those headcoverings. A simple piece of cloth, but, oh, what treasures behind are found.

Thank you for stopping by and reading to the end,


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