Monday, August 23, 2010

Headcoverings in Old Germany

Women's crowning glory - hide it or decorate it?

"When was the last time you wore a hat - one that was part of your indoor dress - to a social function, to church or to any event? We women who live in the northern climates wear hats or tams or caps or perhaps earmuffs to keep our heads and ears warm on the cold days of winter, and we may wear a straw hat at the beach in summer or when we are working outside on a hot and sunny day. Such was not the case for our ancestors in the 19th century Rhineland. A head covering and/or ornaments for a woman's hair was a part of daily living. While weather related conditions might have caused a need for the cap or bonnet, it also identified a woman's place--married or single, upper or lower class, and even what area she came from." ...

A well written historical article from a librarian writing about her ancestry. Includes illustrations!