Monday, November 29, 2010

Study Series

Just came across this link, some may be interested.

Becky's Kaleidoscope: Head coverings in the Monotheistic Religions ...
By Becky
The first post is going to be on the tradition of head covering in Judaism, second post will be covering Christianity and the last will be within Islam. I'm hoping to get the first post up tonight, and the next two within the next week ...
Becky's Kaleidoscope -

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for Headcoverings?

These two blogs just in:

A Godly Homemaker: Headcoverings
By Tami
"do you wear a headcovering? what style do you like best? when do you wear one?" -- includes links to videos on how to wear a couple of styles.
A Godly Homemaker -

nun101: Great Sites for Headcoverings!
By the roman catholic
"Great Sites for Headcoverings! I sometimes like to wear a Jewish tichel even though I am Catholic, but I love wear my mantillas during Mass. Hear are some amazing links."
nun101 -

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Great Etsy Site, And Blog!

Thank you for your wonderful and informative site. It's a much needed site.
Would it be possible to let your readers know about our Etsy boutique and blog.
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When you visit our blog you will notice that we have an headcovering interview series called S.E.E.D. It's a wonderful place where women share their personal testimony hoping to encourage and offer advice to the readers. We are always looking for more interviewees! Please visit our blog at to read these touching testimonies or to volunteer to be interviewed for out S.E.E.D series.
Sowers of Hope ... a headcovering boutique
Thank you!
In Messiah,
Sowers of Hope