Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quebec, Canada: Secular, Not Accommodating

"Quebec is committing slow-motion suicide - The Globe and Mail"

The Parti Québécois Leader has proposed law banning the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols, such as turbans, skullcaps or other head coverings, by provincial employees.

And yet, the Quebecois demand accommodation across Canada, even in areas where there are no French speakers. True, their ancestors were here before most other language and culture groups (after Native Americans). But, really. Being here first is not what this anti-multiculturalism is about.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Sports Headwear

"Sports hijabs help Muslim women to Olympic success"

"New sportswear designed for women who want to cover up, and some important changes to the rules, are inspiring Muslim girls to take up sport – and compete internationally" - The Guardian

Lots of folks weighing in the comments on the article linked above, and in other articles around the internet on this topic. What do you think, yourself? Don't let your media tell you how to think or reason.

And for the snarky remarks I read somewhere about modest head covering girls needing luck to play beach volleyball: I would LOVE to see a modestly dressed team in "burkini" go up against the nearly nudes and WIN one!  :)

In the meantime, are you watching for head-covered athletes in the 2012 London games? Look for:

Wojdan Shaherkani, of Saudi Arabia, 16, in Judo. on August 3.

Maziah Mahusin, of Brunei Darussalem, 19, in Women's 400m - Round 1, on August 3.

In Women's 100m preliminaries, August 3:
Tahmina Kohistani, of Afghanistan, 23.
Noor Hussain Al-Malki, of Qatar, 17.
Shinoona Salah Al-Habsi, of Oman, 19.
Fatima Sulaiman Dahman, of Yemen, 19.

Soulmaz Abbaslazad, of Islamic Republic of Iran, 28, in Women's Single Sculls Finals, August 4.

On August 4, Women's 50m Rifle Qualifications:
Bahya Mansour Al Hamad, of Qatar, 20.
Elaheh Ahmadi, of Islamic Republic of Iran, 30.
Azza Alqasmi, of Bahrain, 27.
Maryam Arzouqi, of Kuwait, 29.
Mahlagha Jambozorg, of Islamic Republic of Iran, 20.

This is by no means a complete listing of all Olympians who cover, but just a short listing that I put together of athletes who are scheduled for the next couple of days. Please click the links to the athlete's names and you will be on the official London 2012 web pages, where you can research more athletes and sports that may have a representative of the head covering community participating.

Not to leave out any of our men who cover, I did notice a few Sikh gentlemen listed from India, who I believe will be allowed to participate in sports with their head coverings as well.

If you know of or find more, feel free to send a link here. I will allow links to post automatically for the next couple of days. Hopefully we won't get spammed or flamed during this time! Please only use the comments to respectfully comment on the games and the athletes who cover their heads while playing!