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"Cover Your Hair Review and Giveaway"

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Helping Cancer Patients

I really like stories like this one:

"Octogenarian is hooked on helping cancer patients" (Youngstown, Ohio), January 27, 2009

Lillie Smith’s warm heart and nimble fingers assure that area cancer patients receiving chemotherapy can have warm heads when they lose their hair.

One of the effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments is hair loss, according to the American Cancer Society.

Smith, an 82-year old great-great-great grandmother, crochets some 100 chemo caps each year for ACS, which distributes the hats to cancer patients.

She started crocheting the caps when her husband, L.B., was having chemo treatments, Smith said. L.B., who worked at Republic Steel in Youngstown for 32 years before retiring as a foreman, was diagnosed with cancer in the 1990s and underwent chemotherapy.

“He lost his hair and needed something to keep his head warm in the winter and on other cool days. The cap also distracted people from staring at his bald head,” she said.

“He was well for quite a while after the chemotherapy, but then the cancer came back. That’s why I work so hard,” she said.

After her husband passed away in April 2004, Smith continued to keep her hands busy by making the one-size-fits-all cancer caps in his memory.

There's more of the article at the linked title above.

Not forgetting these head coverers and those who love them...

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Headcovering Story

Interesting little story of a headcovering Christian at "God can deliver beyond expectation". It's so neat how everyone has their own stories, and their own reasoning for headcovering. I for one am glad that so many share their own stories on line where others can read and be encouraged. Please be encouraged, all!

Is Muslim Hijab a Head Covering?

"Do Headscarfs = Hijab?"
By Humza Mullick, in the

Many times we will read of Muslim women and the headscarf, as if their head covering is a similar thing to a Jewish hair covering or Christian headcovering. But except for the similarity of materials and how we wear them, and the fact that it is worn in obedience to God (and not merely some overbearing male mandate), there is a wider meaning behind the term "hijab" than just "head covering". First, it is not merely a sign that she is Muslim; anyone can wear a head scarf and even tie it up in a certain way. Nor is there a particular requirement for a sort of style in the Quran to mark her as a follower of Islam. What marks her faith here is that she obeys the concept of "hijab" - a veiling or sheilding of her self - all of her self, including her head and hair. You can read more of an explanation of this at the article linked above. Including these comments below:

. . . A major mistake many make is restricting the term ‘Hijab’ to mean a flimsy scarf that covers the hair only; in other words, a ‘headscarf.’ Some Muslim women in the West wear tight jeans, t-shirts and a headscarf while going out and think they are adhering to the Islamic dress code. This is incorrect.
. . .
Hijab is for all times and all places, not restricted for Muslim lands alone. Some wear Hijab in Muslim lands and switch to headscarfs in the West. We have to fear Allah everywhere we go and this dysfunctional practice is a direct result of our weakness in our understanding of Tawheed (monotheism) and a deficiency in our Aqeedah (belief). Hijab is a protection of Muslim women’s honour and respect.

I remember an occasion when I was working in the UK. A co-worker was showing his wife’s picture to the staff, who were gloating over her and making obscene comments. They then approached me and started asking me about my wife and her looks. I obviously didn’t pull out a snapshot of her.

Instead, I told them that she was my honor and explained the concept of Hijab to them. I asked them that if they had 10 pounds, would they show and wave it around for everyone to see? They all replied in the negative. I then questioned if the 10 pounds were more precious than one’s wife? Our Muslims sisters are our honor!
Islam is about submission to the Creator in all aspects of our lives. When we are instructed to do something by Allah, we should just “hear and obey.”

I found the photo above in this article


For a more indepth discussion of these things, you may also be interested in these very informative articles at "Seeking His Pleasure Through Patience":

"The Issue of the Veil Pt 1- Khimaar"
"The Issue of the Veil Pt 2- Jilbaab"
"The Issue of the Veil Pt 3 - Hijaab"
"The Issue of the Veil Pt 4 - Niqaab"


And in the news:
- Albania to allow headscarf ID photos
- Though Taliban's out, headscarves remain a tradition

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because of the Angels...

Please read: HEADCOVERINGS -- BECAUSE OF THE ANGELS at Civilla's Cyber Cafe for an interesting discussion of the possible meanings of that phrase, "for this reason ought she to cover her head, because of the angels." She begins by handling the statements that have been made by some that women are to cover because the angels might see our hair and be attracted to us physically. Um, no; I agree with her. That's not in the discussion in 1 Corinthians 11, or elsewhere in the Bible for that matter. Then the author goes on to make quite a good explanation of what the passage does say about the headcovering, regarding God's establishment of authority and the glory which ought to be covered.


Please also see the testimony of "The Frugal Catholic Mom: Headcoverings", who says that she has not always worn a headcovering, but does now. Here's a part of what she wrote:

Doing this would be in obedience, helps me spiritually to remember I am a handmaiden of the Lord and makes me feel more humble and an aid in prayer. But I must not be prideful in doing this. It's all for God. Mary even covered her head as all the women back then did. So perhaps there is a better reason to cover than I had originally had started out doing.

I remember when I was in my late teens our youth group in our church put on a "Passion Play". The first year I was one of the women in the crowd, the rest of the years I participated in it I was blessed to play the part of Mary. Those who played the role of women had a white robe and a long piece of coloured material to have over our heads. I found I was more mindful of God. In this day and age, we tend to not be mindful of God...busy with other things going on in our lives to the point that we forget to even acknowledge him once during the day many times. What a sad thought that is.


Also see this short note:
"Only For The Corinth Church~ Not True Sisters"
1Co 1:1 Paul, called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ through the will of God, and Sosthenes our brother,
1Co 1:2 Unto the church of God which is at Corinth, to them that are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints, with all that in every place call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blogging about Christian Headcovering ... some more

I'm sorry this isn't organized better today - please read the articles offered by these bloggers. Be encouraged!


Free To Cover: "Head Covering as "Podvig""
By Alana
... What does it mean that the husband is the head of the wife? Kephale in the Greek. Source. Submission. Harmony. And husbands love your wife as Christ loved the Church. Perhaps it is more than a "headship" covering. ...
Free To Cover -

Civilla's Cyber Cafe: "PLAIN DRESS"
By Civilla
... I got up every morning before Jesse and put my head covering on and went to bed after him so he wouldn't see what I had done to my head. I visited a salon to restore my original color of platinum but she was unsuccessful and my hair had ...
Civilla's Cyber Cafe -

---EDIT---Please see comment section below to read the above article. Thank you, Mary! ---

Salty Disciplines: for virtue & faithfulness to Jesus: "Doers of ..."
By Auntie eM
DO YOU COVER? If you wear an head covering, I would like to begin a Head-Covering Blogs List. Feel free to email me, and weigh in at the Poll! Thank you! Do You Wear an Head Covering? He careth for the sparrow. ...
Salty Disciplines: for virtue... -

Little Steps Toward Home: "My Thoughts on Headship - Simple as they may be"
By Amber
... As is the head covering of the woman. I believe, when we come before God, He will ask the man who led his wife to error, 'Why did you neglect your charge? I gave you a precious gift, and you miss used it.' Each individual is responsible ...
Little Steps Toward Home -

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Is Hair Enough?"

Continuing thoughts from an earlier post, which I also linked here, please read these responses from the author:

SYNOD of SAINTS: thoughts from the most unsaintly person

He quotes from The Headcovering in Worship, by David Lipsy, in this article, and provides the link as well. See also the sidebar, for his recent ponderings/posts on the topic of headcovering.

"Head Covering is 'Works'"

Is headcovering a "work" that some Christian women do because we think it is an act we must do in order to be saved? No. Seriously, I don't think there is a woman among us who believes that Jesus said, "He who believes and is baptized... and she who covers her head... shall be saved." So what about all these "works" that some Christians do? Are they trying to earn their salvation?

Maybe they are doing these good works because of their salvation. As a result of, that is. Because of their faith. Because they are living the life of a follower of Christ and his commands (which are not burdensome). Please read the following blog entry by a lady who covers her head because of her faith (as well as other of her articles on this subject).

What do you think?

Salty Disciplines: for virtue & faithfulness to Jesus: Weighing in: Head Covering is 'Works'

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Cancer Survivor Scarves

I just received this announcement and want to pass on the information to all. Please don't forget these ladies who cover their heads, and beautifully too.


This is Barbara Manni and Lauren Paige of Kare Chiefs, LLC. We are the creators of the KareChiefs that are being so wonderfully spoken about. Thank you for for your kindness and support.

We are pleased to announce that our web site is NOW OPEN FOR ONLINE SHOPPING! We invite you to visit us and see our beautiful handcrafted kerchiefs and other great products. Remember if you don't need one for yourself... they make great gifts!

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Which Head Coverings Are Bad?

Or, does it depend on who's wearing said head covering?

Here is some news of what's going on in Australia concerning head coverings and the idea that if we don't know "what's under the cover", and it could be something bad, then all coverings are suspect. This is similar to other stories we've read, such as in Florida, US, where those wearing a head covering inside of a bank are asked to remove them, for security reasons. We all know that bad guys use head and face coverings to pull off crimes while concealing their identity. They make it hard on anyone else who wants to wear something on their head. And I can see where retailers and bankers might consider these sorts of bans. But, where to draw the line? The innocent and modest and religious are lumped together with those guilty of crimes against others. (And I'm remembering the backlash against modest dressing, headcovering women in the US who also were judged to be of the same type as those in Texas whose children were taken away from them, and all the problems that came out of that situation.)

"Retail chief says veil ban idea xenophobic"
Article from: The Courier-Mail"
By Robyn Ironside, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Head Coverings the Cold

Snow Shoveling Rules
Snow Shoveling Rules by LisaMe

It's cold out there for much of the Northern Hemisphere, and regardless of what rules there may be against head coverings, regardless of what rumors you may have read to the contrary, it is still smarter to Cover Your Head When It's Cold to protect your own health. Heat escapes your body in the cold weather, that is true. And if your head is uncovered, and if heat rises... well, you can guess where that heat leaves your body. So many news and health agencies are reminding the average person - no religion included or excluded - to Cover Your Head When It's Cold.

I realize that some of my readers don't need to wear a covering on their head for the cold because you live in warm regions of the world, or you are in the Southern Hemisphere where it is summertime - in that case, please cover your head, face and neck to protect against the sun, or the wind, or the pollution. How can anyone be against wearing a head covering when they're so good for you?

Commentators on 1 Corinthians 11

More reading from : "SYNOD of SAINTS: thoughts from the most unsaintly person"

He's compiled a reading list of many of the commentaries available with comments on the passage in the Bible on headcoverings in 1 Corinthians 11. While there may be some confusion among men and their interpretations, the point stands that there is a passage in the Bible about external headcoverings which reflects Bible truths that are written for us in other places. It is our duty to study and give diligence to show ourselves approved to God, and not merely do what "feels right", "what everyone else is doing," or "what my pastor/preacher/church says" without having the understanding also. Please also read the previous entry link, which includes links to even more thoughts on this passage on headcoverings, and its meanings for us today.

"The Headcovering: Why I Cover My Head"

please click here for good reading:

Salty Disciplines: for virtue & faithfulness to Jesus: The Headcovering: Why I Cover My Head

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hair Covering - Head Covering

"Headcovering for the observant Jewish woman (Introduction to a series on headcovering for the Christian Woman)"

This looks like the beginning of an interesting series from "Father Rick Lobs' Eclectic and Eccentric Blog". Here's the introduction to this introduction:

We are going to go where angels fear to tread. For those who choose to follow the series we will explore the issue (or non-issue) of the appropriateness of women covering their heads in worship. I believe they should. Its not a hill I am prepared to die on to be sure - but I think they should.

So, let us begin by asking, "Why do observant Jewish women cover their hair with a hat or a wig?"

This blog includes the short YouTube video from "Jew in the City" explaining the reasoning behind Jewish women's hair covering - which I have seen before and find it very interesting and informative. Please check it out at the title link above.

EDIT: Click here for part 1 , and part 2 , and part 3 of this series.


*** Please also, Christian ladies, read Sandi's post today at "Headcoverings: For Me? :Recent Headcovering Experiences". Be encouraged.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Writing about Christian Headcovering

so confused.
A questioning post by dana, including:

... I suppose, headcoveirng should tell you what kind of person I am, but it doesn’t really. If I’ve learned anything from headcovering, it would be to assume less. I was a very judgmental person in Yemen. Especially of foreigners and their clothing choices. I am learning that Christian women cover for many different reasons. We might all be called by the Holy Spirit to cover, but our reasons and justifications are different. ...

A Fashion Show
A courageous post by Joy, including photos, and beginning here:
Or: "Everything you ever wanted to know about Mara and head coverings."

Those of you who read this blog simply because you know me, rather than having liturgical things in mind will find this whole entry strange. I apologize in advance. Try to see the amusing end of this, the fact that I am modeling assorted forms of head coverings.
I realize the irony. I know I should not be spending so much time worrying about what, if anything, to put on my head while at Mass.

However, the whole point of this entry is that while I do believe that I ought to, as a woman, have my head covered in church, (see numerous articles online if you want to know more about THAT,) I am not quite sure how to go about doing this!

My biggest concern has to do with NOT wanting to stick out. I don't want everyone to see me in a mantilla and think, "oh, there's one of those weird traditionalist girls..."
that isolates me.

As you will see from the following pictures, it's easy to wear a scarf in the winter and fit in, but we'll see what happens in the summer...

What are head coverings for and why would a Christian woman wear one?
a questioning and searching blog post with links, by Momma Jo, beginning:

When I began asking Jesus to help me make Him my Pearl; my treasure I'd be willing to leave everything behind for (Matthew 13:45 & 46), I asked Him open my eyes to hidden sins, worldly thinking & lies that had taken residence in my heart and mind that I might be unaware of.

Not long after that when I felt a sense of grief and a desire to repent over my short hair (see "Why I'm growing my Hair long") and was looking into the scripture as to why my spirit was grieved, I read the following:

1 Corinthians 11:4-10 (KJV) (continued in her blog - music plays automatically)


Does the Church Have the Power: More Thoughts on Headcoverings
The most recent in a series of pondering and researching blog posts by "Synod of Saints", including, with back links to the other posts at this blog, this entry beginning here:

If you are reading this then you are being made subject to the flurry of thoughts which go through my head, and for that I am terribly sorry. As I've mentioned (here and here), Rachel and I are mulling over the idea of headcoverings in public worship. While it seems to me, at this time, that the use of headcoverings was a cultural expression of female submission to male headship. It was an outward sign about the inward condition of a wife. In this way it served much as a handshake does now, for the handshake seems to be an outward expression of hospitality. While, it seems to me, that Paul condoned the use of headcoverings at Corinth the perpetual command was not found in the use of the headcovering, but in the fact that wives are to submit to their husbands in the public sphere of life. To symbolize this the Church of Corinth adopted (or I supposed borrowed) a common custom and applied it to the worship of the Church. I lament the fact that our culture does not have such clear indications of male/female roles.
But this hasn't ended the thoughts we have been having regrading headcoverings. While, we aren't so certain that headcoverings are an element of public worship, I am curious whether or not the Church has a right to dictate the decorum of the Church.

It seems consonant with Scripture that an outward sign of submission is not only permitted, but even commanded. Within the broader context of 1 Corinthians it seems Paul is handing down such rules and directions for the better ordering of the Church. He gives directives concerning the use of spiritual gifts in public worship and the proper ordering of the celebration of the Lord's Supper, and reminds the readers, “God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (14:33). ...

(much more at the linked title above)

Are You Shy About Wearing the Chapel Veil?
A blog entry with explanations and photos to help those who want to begin covering their head during times of worship, including a sort of "how-to", links, and even a short poll; beginning:

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Since first posting on the subject of the chapel veil, 'The Catholic Knight' has received many emails from modest women who have expressed their desire to keep the Biblical custom, but simultaneously feel apprehension, embarrassment, or worry about the a potentially negative reaction they may get from fellow parishioners. The common thread in all of these emails seems to center around not wanting to draw attention to one's self.

This is very commendable, because by not wanting to draw attention to one's self, the woman who veils demonstrates that she fully understands the purpose of what the veil is all about. A more recent email inspired me to post on this topic directly.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is the reason for kippa? (Jewish Men's Headcovering)

"Ask the Rabbi: The way you wear your hat"
Jan 8, 2009
Religious garb, and head coverings in particular, stirs strong religious and sociological emotions. The Muslim hijab, the Catholic miter and the Jewish yarmulke, to take a few examples, each represent, in their own ways, important symbolic messages and shape the identity of individuals and communities. The ambiguous legal origins of the kippa, as we shall see, only underscore its evocative power.

Read the full explanation and a history of this man-made but important head covering tradition.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to Make a Head Covering

For those of you searching for more styles or patterns to help you make your own head coverings of different styles, you may want to see "Sweetly Proverbs 31"'s cap covering, and look into "Veiled Glory"'s two links for knitting or crocheting some very wide head covering headbands.

link above no longer works

Headcovering as Expression or Proselytizing

Found this in one of those pages where the popup ad appears on top of the article and won't go away, so I thought I would post this here so that you can read it. If the author or publication ask, I will take this down.

What About Religious Expression?
By Luke Visconti
©DiversityInc. Reproduction in any format is absolutely prohibited.

January 05, 2009


I would never presume to limit the wearing of headscarves, crosses or modest clothing. What, though, about clothing, not otherwise prescribed by the religion, which is an expression of belief? For example, if you worked in a bank in which suits were the norm, and an employee chose to wear a T-shirt with the words "Jesus Saves" in large print on the front instead of a more traditional shirt.

Nothing in any branch of Christianity suggests that adherents should not wear shirts or should wear T-shirts, nor that good Christians must proclaim their beliefs in large letters on their clothing. Yet asking someone so attired to change clothing (especially since I am not a Christian myself) could lead to charges of suppression of religious expression.


There's a big difference between wearing a small cross or headscarf and a T-shirt proclaiming "Jesus Saves" or "Allahu Akbar." One is modest dress while the other I would consider to be proselytizing.

For a typical business or any public institution, proselytizing is not appropriate. Is there a strict definition for proselytizing? No.

Who gets to decide? For business, top management must establish what "crosses the line." The CEO clearly stating values, both publicly and repetitively, facilitates this. What constitutes "proper" dress will also be much less of a problem if effective diversity training and follow-up is in place.

. . . .

This doesn't take away anyone's "rights" because you don't have a "right" to be a counterproductive employee.


I'm sure there are a couple of people reading this who are tempted to send me an e-mail about Muslim women wearing headscarves as a form of proselytizing. Here's my answer so we can all save time: Don't be asinine.

While we, as headcovering people, will be asked occasionally why we cover our heads, and we often use that as a chance to give an answer for the spiritual hope that lies within us, I believe there truly is a difference between pushing our opinions, belief or understanding onto someone who disagrees with us, and simply living what we believe. Any thoughts?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Headcovering Article

Thanks to Arthur Sido for re-finding this article about women who cover, from a few years ago. I remember reading this article and feeling encouraged. All of your additional comments are appreciated much, Mr. Sido. Including this one:

The best part of this article is that it points out that the internet, that most modern of inventions, is allowing Christians to find others who are like-minded and support one another in the realization that there are other people out there who have read God's Word, read Paul's admonition and are seeking to live that out. Ironic and a great blessing at the same time!
I agree!

"Headcovering article from USA Today"

January 04, 2009

Be encouraged.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Following up on Headcoverings and Beards on a Plane

"More on Muslim family kicked off of AirTran flight for questioning"
by Jamie Rhein Jan 3rd 2009

Some of my dear Readers may have heard of this story in the news: a Muslim family removed from an airplane because someone overheard a couple of them talking about safety on a plane. I thought this article covered the story pretty well, including a few links, as well as some interesting discussion in the comments section. With all the articles in the news and on blogs there are quite a few ignorant comments being made. Some even immediately suggested that this was some kind of elaborate hoax on the family's part to get publicity. That comment made me feel ill. Just apologize - the company has, and the family has been reimbursed financially. But WHY, in this modern age of easy information, are people still jumping to the conclusion that a woman in a Muslim headcovering must be an airline terrorist? Did the girl that reported them really think that a question about the safest seat on a plane was the words of a family attempting to sabatage said plane? Ee. Gads. Just disgusted and humiliated with the brains of our marvelous West.

Please, Modest and Humble Ladies, keep on wearing those headcoverings! Especially those of you who don't "look Middle Eastern". I for one really enjoy seeing the other bloggers who are wearing their coverings in styles that their friends and neighbors are telling them "look Muslim" or "look Jewish". I have been reading lately about women of similar headcovering who are covering their families together in shelters in and around Gaza these days. Together. Our world needs the education that covering the head does not equal terrorism, evil, prejudiced ignorance or blind faith. Ee. Gads!!!

Sorry for the non-factual ranting.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christian Headcovering Question

Dear Readers, I appreciate so much your encouragement to me, and to other women, as you check in with this blog, and write comments or send emails. This past week I have been quite busy and have not had the time to spend on the blog as usual. I received this letter, and I wonder if any of you can offer some helpful thoughts for this lady, and for all who are seeking answers. I plan to get back to this and other news articles soon. (I did post an article on on the "Old Fashioned Lady" blog this morning that some of you may find interesting - please check my side bar for the link in the Christian bloggers section.)


. . . - a quick question. In your research travels, have you run across a good answer or comment to the 'argument's that says that God can't really be stating women are to be wearing a headcovering in I Cor. 11 because that is inconsistent with him removing the law and circumcision requirement so as to not be 'under a yoke of slavery' again (largely found in Galations 5.) In other words - many feel that how could God remove 1 form of something 'required' (circumcision) and then turn around and require something else - such as a headcovering. Do you catch my meaning? And then they conclude it's really just about submission of the heart, like circumcision is now, and no 'object' or symbol is required.
While I don't myself believe this (and am a full-time practicing headcoverer for 30+ years) - I still come up short with a good response to this prevalent argument. It's become a pretty big deal in my life for reasons I'll be silent on for now and would sure love any help you could give. I think I've read everything out there on the Net - and just am not finding any solid answers to this one.


Please comment here or send me an email if you can. Thank you all again, so much, for your encouragement to me and to each other.


Also, if you have the chance to answer the question asked on the previous entry - "why wear headcovering to a soccer game?" - feel free to answer here as well. I am very behind in my work.

Please check the other Christian headcovering blogs, especially "Free To Cover" for more answers to headcovering questions.