Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Attention Etsy Headcovering Shops!!!

Please post to this blog article with a link to your Etsy shop, and I will post a collection of links in an article here soon. Please also let me know if I may include a sample photo of your work here, as well as any other particular information about the head coverings that you provide at your site that you would like to share with those who would otherwise not know about you.

If you know of an Etsy shop that you would recommend, write and let me know that too.

This is because I want to help people to understand and be encouraged about wearing those headcoverings. I don't get compensated usually when I share information here. Maybe I should write an e-book?

Thank you in advance!

"Looser" Security Rules in Nashville, TN - Troubles Elsewhere

"Metro Departments Change Policy Toward Religious Head Coverings"
The above article link is from the Nashville Public Radio (WPLN) website, dated August 16, 2011. Apparently, the rules are changing in Tennessee: "Metro Nashville is loosening some of its security policies toward religious head coverings." Read this short article to find out what's changed and what's acceptable now in this area, and perhaps what things will look like in other areas in the USA.


"Catholic schools in Kenya prohibit Muslim head covering"
in the Anglican Journal, reports that conflict arises in a Catholic school in Nairobi, Kenya, wishing to uphold its Catholic traditions and dress codes when Muslim students attend classes. How serious are the conflicts:
Muslim leaders have been urging the government to help end the Christian schools' ban. The leaders warn of serious repercussions if rights and freedoms are denied Muslim girls and women.

The Muslim leaders accuse the church schools of discriminating against their students on religious and cultural grounds, but church leaders say they have provided spaces and water for the students to practice Muslim worship rituals.

"Moodbidri: Student Denied Permission to Wear Headscarf, Approaches DC" reported August 10, 2011, of a young woman in university who was told she could not attend class with a headscarf, or hijab, in Western India. Apparently, it's okay to wear burka even on campus, but no head coverings in class. At the time of the writing, the issue was not solved, but the student had not been able to attend class because she refused to go without her head covered.

Friday, August 12, 2011

'Vacation Chic' Headscarf

See article: "Catherine Zeta Jones' Retro Glam | Style Goes Strong"

Paragraph of note:
"A head scarf is so elegant and completely practical (protects your 'do, covers bad hair day) that it's surprising that more of us don't try it. And when worn with oversized shades and large hoop earrings it adds a huge dose of class to anything it's worn with."

And the model is Catherine Zeta Jones, so, you know, I'm just saying, it might be something to check out. :)

Those Men's Head Coverings Too

"Kippah Your Head Covering Outta My Office" (click link) by Rabbi Jason Miller, in the Huffington Post, covers another story or two about people who choose to cover and those who don't get it. To the point that they refuse service, entry or even common courtesy to the covered. In one recent news story, "an Italian man is suing McKinsey & Co., the international consulting firm, claiming he was fired after repeatedly complaining to human resources that his colleagues made fun of his yarmulke." The man's reason for covering: ""theosophy," an obscure spiritual philosophy that maintains that "there is no higher religion than truth."

In a recent television program, this scenario of "please remove your head covering before I'll accept you as a person" is acted out humorously, as a man who has gone deeper into his Jewish spirituality has begun wearing a yarmulke, and is not going to be allowed to enter a restaurant wearing it. It's a Palestinian chicken restaurant, which makes this a scene from a comedy, of course, but fantasy does tend to reflect reality, and in this case, according to the writer, Larry David, it does so purposely. The show is "Curb Your Enthusiasm", and a clip of the video is linked to the article.

Paragraph of note:
"Leo Rosten claims that the word "yarmulke" comes from the Tatar word for skullcap. However, I think it's more likely from the Aramaic "yira malka" meaning "awe of the king" as a sign of respect to God. Whatever one's reason for wearing a yarmulke, they deserve to be treated with respect. Whether you're an Italian New Yorker experimenting with many religions or a spiritually renewed Jewish dentist going to eat some Middle Eastern chicken."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Help! I've stopped writing and I can't get back!

I really wanted to keep this blog going. To encourage. To inform. To help and guide. To persuade even.

What would YOU like to see in this blog? Is there some research that I could do for you? A poll I could take? Some links I could look up and post? Articles I could write? Please let me know what I can do to help. Hold me accountable to the commitment that I made to start up and keep this blog going. Please, send me your own articles or links or sales sites or questions, and we'll see what we can do to encourage and help you!

Thank you for stopping by!


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