Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Permission To Post Sales at Your Website

After nearly 2 years of having those Google linked ads linked to my blog, and having forgotten all about it, I received my first Google Ads check. Wow! So, if you click on those links on the sidebar in blue, you do help people to make a living! But if you click on the links in my articles, you're just visiting a "free" ad from me, usually something I run across in another blog or during a search.

And sometimes, I will post about a sale at a head covering sales site, if I know about it. Free ad for someone, good deal for someone else, and doesn't take me 5 minutes. I just received this email, and want to pass along the information.



We are currently having a Mother's Day sale at Sowers of Hope - A Headcovering Boutique at . All Israeli tichels and Amish style Kapps are currently 10% off. This sale will run until May 9, 2010 .

Thank you and may you be blessed!

For His praise and His glory,
Sowers of Hope