Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Western Europe vs. Religious Freedom

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"Commentary: Western Europe vs. Religious Freedom | The National Interest"

 by: Mary Ann Glendon serves as vice chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Azizah al-Hibri serves as a USCIRF Commissioner.
"If the lamp of liberty is to remain lit, Western Europeans must accept that the age of conformity to an official monoculture—secular or religious—is at an end. In the coming year, their countries should embrace their religiously diverse future and accord religious freedom to all. "
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"FROhio Fashion Week Begins with Workshop"

FROhio Fashion Week Begins with Workshop - Toledo Natural Beauty |

True, this event is over, but the thoughts continue: head coverings can be beautiful and stylish.
 "Naturals in the City of Toledo gathered Monday night at the Mott Branch Library in Toledo, Ohio to learn creative ways to use fabric as decorative and practical head coverings."
Celebrities rockhead wraps

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Megan Yasu Davis, Toledo Natural Beauty Examiner

 "Head Wraps are not just worn by stars or people who want to "connect with African Roots". They can be worn to spice up a great pair of jeans and a tee, with a formal gown or to simply cover a "bad hair day".
You can select any time of fabric like leftover fabric from a sewing project, old t-shirts, part of a skirt, even an old table cloth or scarf. You can layer the fabric for color contrasting or use floral clips, rhinestone pins or barrettes to accent your wrap. Wraps can be worn high up, with some hair exposed in the top or for bangs and you can rock a head wrap that is more turban style and close the the head.
Whatever way you choose to wear head wraps, they are a fashion trend, a statement, and a practical way to decorate and protect your hair during the Winter months!"